Starcade Games, LLC is a start-up software
development company with big ideas.

Spearheaded by Kendall Starr, the company's mission is to create engaging, thought-provoking, skill-requiring, addicting, balanced games for any and all who might enjoy them. A corporate pilot in his other life, Kendall is a Rocket League fan and true Halo: Combat Evolved purist. He has worked with many other talented individuals on multiple non-profit projects improving Halo's undying competitive scene. He also enjoys other First Person Shooters, Puzzles, Word Games, and anything physics-related.
With three projects underway, Starcade aims to to hit the Mobile, Console, and PC markets simultaneously. In production are a quirky word game, an arcade-style mobile game, and a full-scale sci-fi competitive shooter.

Please check back in the future for updates on Starcade's first anticipated mobile release.